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Arclight – ‘Vitamin D’ (Live) – Tate Modern

VASE Presents at Tate Modern South Tank, April 26th 2013, part of Tate’s Hyperlink Festival – Film by Peter Edwards

VASE and TRUSST presented an evening of music, art and technology at London’s Tate Modern as part of Tate’s Hyperlink Festival.

Tate Modern’s new underground space South Tank played host to an evening of immersive and interactive audio and visual presentations put together by multi-disciplinary record label VASE and creative studio TRUSST.

Performances by Arclight, Dorian Concept and Jacques Greene were accompanied by a series of digital installations created specially for South Tank in response to the festival’s theme of ‘six degrees of separation’. Physical computing, projection mapping, interactive wearables and electronic soundscapes came together to create an immersive 360 degree responsive environment under the creative direction of Melissa Matos (TRUSST)


Portrait photography of the the band Simian that became the Cover Artwork for The Album ‘We Are Your Friends’ and the Single ‘Never Be Alone’
The release on Source Records was accompanied by a large poster campaign featuring the images. Screenprinting was by Kate Gibb at Big Active.


Murder by Death

Shot to illustrate a feature in The Stool Pigeon music paper, I took American band Murder By Death along to Camden Market ahead of their Barfly gig. They flatly refused to stand in front of the Confederate flag we found at the shoot location. I was thinking Dukes of Hazzard…but apparently where they come from it means you like to kill black people. Point taken.


Mira Calix

Secrets - Nothing is set in Stone
Warp Recording Artist, Mira Calix installed her interactive sound sculpture ‘Nothing is Set in Stone’ in Fairlop Waters as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. I was asked to document the installation as she talked visitors through the ideas behind the work.

Secrets - Nothing is set in Stone Secrets - Nothing is set in Stone Secrets - Nothing is set in Stone Secrets - Nothing is set in Stone

The Black Ghosts

Commissioned by Southern Fried Records to produce an image for FACE the debut single by The Black Ghosts. This is what I came up with - a three-eyed monster!
Commissioned by Southern Fried Records to produce images for FACE the debut single by The Black Ghosts. This is what I came up with – multiple headed monsters!



Lord Skywave

Artwork and Press Shots for the eponymous Lord Skywave album released by This Is Music Ltd.
Inspired by the bass music scene we built our own totemic soundsystem speaker stack. Slightly ridiculous, but fun.

Lord Skywave Lord Skywave Lord Skywave

Euros Childs

Euros Childs
Euros and band in the back of their tour van after a London gig.
This shot became the inside sleeve for the ‘Bore Da’ album, released by Wichita Records.
Euros told me later that the drummer had two peaches in his paper bag. Looks like he wasn’t keen on sharing them either!



Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco
Simian Mobile Disco’s first ever photoshoot!
This picture went on to become pretty iconic for them and was used almost everywhere for the first few years of their meteoric rise to success. The shot is based around colour changing lighting units designed by Jeremy Lord (and possibly wired together by Simon and myself)